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"No these are not loud. It does as stated makes a soft pop sound. I bought these for my grandsons last year and loved them. They are small so wouldn't get them for any one very big." - By Sandra on December 6, 2015

"No not loud cute little toy" - By Robert R. Walsh Jr on December 9, 2015

"its not super loud,,but if you pull the slide hard enough so the plug really sticks it will make a nice pop" - "By Mark on December 6, 2015"

"Not loud enough to 'not' have it played with in the house." - By Jeff on December 6, 2015

"Not very, depends on how hard you "pop" it. Even at its loudest it's still quiet." - By cheryl on December 6, 2015

"Yes. You could even color the white string blue or pink with a sharpie marker." - By Butter Bean's mom on October 27, 2016

"Very little space is there. Great idea though." - By DaMommaRocks on October 26, 2016

"Yes you could definitely do that. What a cute idea!" - By Amy O. on October 26, 2016

"Hello, I just measured the distance on two of their pop guns that the tethered rubber 'cork' travels from being seated in the end of the barrel to the far end of the tether after being shot, and one allowed the 'cork' to fly forward 6 1/2" from the end of the barrel and the other 6 5/8" from the end of the barrel. In spite of the good audible "pop" they pose next to no threat of injury or damage and the cords are plenty stout for the purpose. I just set up an empty plastic pill bottle to knock down and had to start with the barrel 2-3" away from it to do so, but then maybe that's because I didn't have my Wheaties this morning..." - By AmazonianCustomer on December 6, 2015

"Thank you for the Question, Actually if you pull the barrel Back to make the popping sound, the stopper does no go out, This is a feature, about our classic Pop Gun, that makes it safe in that it does not shoot a projectile, however the string that the Stopper is attached to is approximately 5 inches. I hope this answered you question about the Pop Gun. We certainly appreciate you taking the time to ask this important question." - By Holly Fullingim (Seller) on December 6, 2015

"It is 4 inches from tip of barrel to top of cork." - By Johnathon/Katie Ponce on December 6, 2015

"Hi Stacie.....the measurement of the Pop Guns are: 17 in. long & 2 1/2 in. wide at the widest end of the butt of the rifle. I haven't taken them out of the wrapping since they are tucked away for Christmas, but I hope this helps." - By PAT on November 20, 2014

"Compressed, end of stock to end of muzzle 19", stock 3/4" thick solid wood, barrel 1" OD composite plastic with 3/4" bore, height? well if you had to put it in a gift box laying flat, allow about 3", with barrel fully forward on the charging rod with the rubber 'cork' in place (loaded) it's about 25 1/2" long with the 1/2" comprised mainly of the projecting top of the rubber 'cork', finger hole is about 3/4" ID, with barrel fully seated as if just fired, the rubber 'cork' hangs out loose on it's tether about 6 1/2" which would comprise it's physical firing range. They're well made, work great, safe, loud, and fun." - By AmazonianCustomer on November 19, 2014

"Thank you for your question if the popgun gets wet no damage occurs.. if it does get wet just dry off and continue to use. We do not recommend leaving the popgun out side for long periods of time." - By Holly Fullingim (Seller) on June 9, 2020

"as is, no. they have a nice wooden stock that could be sealed with something if you wanted to make it weather proof, but then you still have the matter of the cording holding the cork(feels cottony). i am unsure how the metal hardware would hold up. With all that being said, my kids play with their outside all the time and they are still in great shape, but i also require that the children put them in the shed or inside when through playing." - By britny on June 10, 2020

"Wood and Plastic. The wood will weather...any wood will weather. I don't recommend leaving these outside, but outside play should be just fine." - By Erica E. Kennedy on June 7, 2020

"I would say at least somewhat. Kids played in pool with them a couple weeks ago and they are still working." - By M b… on June 7, 2020

"No,but they could be with a coat of paint or spar varnish. They are a good product." - By DOUG on June 8, 2020

"Thank you so much for your question. At the moment we currently are only selling in the US and UK. We hope to be able to offer these for sale on Amazon Canada soon. Our Classic Toy PopGun has been one of the most favorite toy in a childs toy box for over 26 years." - By Holly Fullingim (Seller) on July 21, 2016

"Probably. It is solid colored, not just painted, but it does look exactly like pvc." - By Ami Church on March 1, 2016

"The barrel of the pop gun is made from PCV"

"they are 22 inches when full extended, and when the barrel is compressed it measures 17 1/4 inches the pop guns are easy for a 3 year old to pop, and also fun for older children" -  By Holly Fullingim (Seller) on November 19, 2014

"Thank you so much for that great question. We offer Free Replacements Parts for the Pop Gun that are Purchased on our website. Inside each and every Classic Toy Popgun is an insert, that contains information about registering your PopGun. Our PopGun is a very durable and we have not had to replace many parts but sometimes things happen. The replacement Parts Guarantee will keep the smiles on the Children Face for many years. Parents and/or grandparents can feel they purchased the Best classic Toy for their 3 to 7 year old from a company that truly provides the best customer service of any other seller online." -  By Holly Fullingim (Seller) on July 21, 2016

"As a pet duck owner, I doubt this will help. I’d recommend black cats- unravel one at a time and light a single one- toss in the dirt (not at them) and they should be startled enough. Also, Various dogs from our country neighbors and wild coyotes keep my yard bird population down, unfortunately." - By MsAudrey :) on March 11, 2020

"It's not ear piercing or anything but it makes a good pop. I guess it would depend on how close you are to them." - By Customer on July 6, 2018

"Thank you for the question? The stopper or cork will only extend approximately 6 inches , it only makes a pop and does not come out with much velocity, thus making it safe , and does not shoot a projectile. thank you for the question." - By Holly Fullingim (Seller) on January 6, 2017

"Not very far at all but oh so satisfying for young children. I'd guess approximately 5-6 inches. My 3yo nephew loves it!" - By Mellen on January 7, 2017

"Not too far. Maybe 6 inches. We have 3 pop guns. They are a super fun and only a bit noisy" - By Nicole on January 9, 2017

"Not very far. About 6 inches. It's all about the popping noise - the kids love it." - By Victoria M. Reed on January 6, 2017

"4.5 inches" - By April59 on January 6, 2017

"Thank-you for a great question about our popgun. Our popguns are designed with the stopper permanently attached to the shaft that is attached to the stock. This is the feature that allows for the repeated popping , and also reseals the stopper into the barrel, their is no flying projectile to chase after the pop. With the stopper permanently attached and no flying projectile to is a very safe popgun that produces a very soothing popping sound. We do not recommend altering the design of our popguns. Thank you so much for your question." - By Holly Fullingim (Seller) on May 19, 2018

"I have not tried that." - By Sam the Man on May 19, 2018

"Thank you for the replacement part Question. you can contact us for free replacement parts at 956-245-0496 ask for Cliff, or e-mail . Our contact information is found at mypopgun . We look forward to hearing from you.Cliff and Holly Fullingim 956-245-0496" - By Holly Fullingim (Seller) on February 10, 2020 

"The company it self" - By Customer on February 11, 2020

"I don't, except from the maker." - By jejr on February 10, 2020

"A cap gun makes a louder and sharper sound like a pistol. This pop gun is louder than most, and makes a sound like a champagne cork popping, I don't think a cap gun or pop gun will be very effective in training a dog, unless you want to train it to be afraid of guns." - By E Sousaphone on December 31, 2020