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MyPopGun Tomahawk

How about completing your children's look with our Tomahawk? This will help them develop their imaginations by feeling and looking the role they wanted to play.
✅ Hand made in the U.S.A. with High-Quality Wood that is durable and long-lasting
✅Light and easy grabbing that allows kids to run into action and feel like a real hunter and let them engaged in physical movement while they play.
✅ The Realistic-looking Wooden Tomahawk feature is best for teaching children survival and bushcraft scenario allowing them the opportunity to problem solve and use critical thinking skills
✅ A perfect replica for a great introductory activity for kids to sharpen tools that makes an opportunity to teach them when to use them correctly and let the children acquire skills that will last for a lifetime
✅ Exceptionally crafted that makes it look authentic giving kids an imaginative mind that encourages gross motor skills, coordination, active and cooperative play
✅ Ideal accessory for Halloween costumes.


Dimensions:  11 X  3.5   X  0.75 inches